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Star Trek is rapidly taking over my life.

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a little suffering’s good for the soul.


spnedit: Angels

the angels, they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have
the equipment to care. seems like when they try, it just breaks
them apart.

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What do I do?

catching fire meme
↳ [2/3] quotes;
"We're a team, aren't we?"

bonesmcoy asked: what are your thoughts on jj abrams? write a haiku about spock. if you had to jump into a 50ft pie what flavor would you want it? what is your fav pizza? do you have a state that you just really dont like in america? where would you like to travel? who would you like to see fight justin bieber? can you recite the entire intro monologue from star trek by memory? what is one subject you hate in class? what is your fav animal? fav video game? do you eat your veggies? what is your pet peeve?

Holy shit, I don’t know what prompted this, but it’s awesome!

1. I have a weird thing with anything JJ directs or produces.  I have discovered that, without knowing he was even involved, I have watched all of Almost Human and Believe just cause they look really good.  I was also really entertained by Star Trek (2009) and even Into Darkness (although the general writing and characterization was off, I think he made the best of a bad situation).  I think he is a really good director and he makes great movies.  I personally don’t know that much about him as a person, whether he comes off as stuck-up or rude or something, but I like his work.


Home among the stars

Destroyed as mad man’s revenge

Earth: his last haven

3. Apple.

4. I like four cheese pizza or greek pizza.

5. I mean, not really… We all have problems in our states, some more prominent than others, but we can work to resolve the issues.  I mean it’s not a state’s fault that stupid, ignorant people live there.

6. I want to spend a year in Alaska to see the northern lights in the winter and watch the sun travel around the horizon in the summer.

7. The Rock.

8. Yes, I do so whenever someone says space.  It humors my science teacher to no end.

9. I know it’s really close minded, but I hate my French class.  It’s not that my teacher is bad, or that I don’t like learning languages or thinking it’s important, but I’m not good at learning languages and it generally causes me to stutter and make a fool of myself in class.

10. Killer Whale

11. If we’re taking sentimentally, I think Pokemon Sapphire because it was the first Pokemon game I played all the way through as opposed to my siblings beating it and then giving me the game to play after the credits.  If we are talking about entertainment, I love The Sims.

12. I like almost all vegetables except: tomatoes, mushrooms, and cooked spinach (I love the leaf though).

13. I have one friend who is a nice guy except he is really possessive about his friends and it causes him to awkwardly hug people and touch them on the arms and stuff when it really isn’t necessary and it makes me super uncomfortable so we’ve gotten to the point where he is basically not allowed to touch me.  I guess that makes my pet peeve awkward and unnecessary physical contact?


harry potter meme ϟ  eight scenes  (7/8)

"ah well," said george, grinning at his tear-soaked mother. "you’ll be able to tell us apart now, anyway, mum."



#the only thing that keeps jim running so fast is the idea that the man behinds him wants nothing better to strangle him #and the thing that keeps bones running is the thought that he really really wants to strangle the guy two feet in front of him #this is how they’ve learned to escape day-to-day threats to their life (vulcany)

#i thought this was going to be a deep feelings-y meta on their relationship #but it was so much better


Live, from Berk, it’s How To Train Your Dragon!

So yeah iv’e been watching a lot of SNL lately and I love the pop art theme. So I made some httyd themed ones that I though you might like… [p.s. they’re all wallpaper sized]



Never forget.


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there is a phrase
'mother earth'

as though the faint gray rain over a green bay
bore you;
as though the steepness of the hills
nursed you;
as though the marrow in your bones
is only soil.

do you take comfort in this, the knowledge
that all dirt returns to dirt, that when
you walk beneath the sky, it watches you
a breeze stroking your hair like her hand
stroking your hair, and touching your collar,
and your cheek—
before she returns to the shadows
watching you grow?